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Arthur Antony is the son of Malayalam movie actor Babu Antony.  The 6’4’’ 17-year-old has many followers on social media. Arthur had earlier appeared as a child actor in the film Idukki Gold. Movie goers will soon get to see him in his first role as an adult in the upcoming multi-lingual film The Great Escape, directed by Malayali filmmaker Sandeep JL. He plays a character, who is also named Arthur, and is the son of a mafia boss played by Babu Antony himself. The film will be released both in English and Malayalam. He is a first-degree black belt in mixed martial arts.

Arthur Antony Bio

Age : 17
Height : 6ft 4inches
Siblings: Alex Antony
Parents: Babu Antony, Evgeniya Antony
Uncles: Antony Thekkek, Philip Antony, Joseph Antony
Grandparents: T.J. Antony, Mariyam Antony


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