Gowri Savithri

Gowri Savithri

Gowri Savithri is a 43-year-old transgender model from Kerala’s Kottayam district. It is a turning point in her life to enter in modeling. It is the modeling that has created an environment for her. It was then she got recognition and media attention in 2016 when she modeled for an online sari store called Red Lotus. With that she became active in modeling. After that she is now the model of the enterprise called Karalkada.

Coming to cinema was a dream for her. In 2018 she starred in a movie pixellia. The film has been screened at various venues, including the Kolkata International Film Festival. Many people recognized her in the short film Karuna. It was done with the aim of changing the misconception about the transgender community. Trans society today has a definite space in main stream. Her another hobby is reading. She wants to publish a book about her childhood travels and memories.

Gouri Savithri Bio


Name: Gowri Savithri
Age: 43 years
Date of Birth: 20 Dec, 1977
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 58 kg

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