Lakshmi Warrier

Lakshmi Warrier

Lakshmi Warrier is an Indian film Producer from the Malayalam movie industry. Lakshmi’s latest movie to hit the theatres was Jan-E-Man in the year 2021. Prior to her entry into the movie industry Lakshmi was until then working in travel and tourism, with various airlines first and then a small company of her own in Bengaluru. She approached Lijo, a family friend, about movies having ‘travel partners’. Perhaps she could prepare celebrity-special packages, she thought. But Lijo told her it wasn’t a good idea. Why couldn’t she try production instead, it was more suited to the vibrant person that Lakshmi was, he suggested. In the years that followed, Lakshmi would create history by becoming the only woman on the job – as a production manager in the Malayalam film industry.

She, Ganesh Menon and Sreekumar AD were producers of the 2019 movie Vikruthi, with Soubin Shahir and Suraj Venjarumoodu in the lead. Later on Director Marthandan  introduced Lakshmi to the makers of a Telugu film called Sahasam. She worked as a production manager to production controller Dixon Poduthas.

Lijo introduced Lakshmi to Sandra Thomas, producer and actor. She joined their team when Friday Film House (that Sandra had co-owned earlier) was producing Zakhariyayude Garbhinikal. She worked with them for a little while, and then decided to move out and freelance.

Facing gender issues and lots of dissapointments in her career, Lakshmi began a production house with Ganesh and producer George called Cheers. They did a few events and ads. Later she, Ganesh and Sreekumar began the company Cut to Create Pictures, which became the label for producing Vikruthi.

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