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Lukman Avaran also known as Lukman Lukku is a Malayali actor. A Btech graduate, Lukman hails from a conservative Muslim family from Malappuram. Though he was part of school and college plays, cinema never featured in his larger plans. But when he heard that a group of aspiring film technicians from Kozhikode were making a film, he decided to try his luck. Ajagajantharam, Anaparambile World Cup, Churuli, Aarattu, Naradan are few of the movies he has acted in.

Date of Birth : 22 May 1990 (age 32)
Native Place : Changaramkulam, Kerala
Alma mater : Royal college of Engineering and Technology
Occupation : Film actor
Years active 2013 – present
Parent(s) : Avaran & Haleema

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