Birthday Girl Sonam Kapoor talks on ‘odd jobs’ and allowance of $40 a week!

Birthday Girl Sonam Kapoor talks on ‘odd jobs’ and allowance of $40 a week!


Actor Sonam Kapoor celebrates her birthday today (9th June 2021) and  over the years, she has often been asked about the perceived privilege that she was born with, being the daughter of actor Anil Kapoor.

In an interview she once said, “Contrary to popular belief, my parents barely gave me any pocket money. They told me ‘there’s no reason for you to get any extra money, you can do any classes you want, but all the extras like designer dresses and clothes, there’s no way that we’re paying for that’.”

She said that she used to get $40 a week. “That’s really nothing in Singapore; it’s a very, very expensive city. So I was like I need to make some money somehow. So I tried it and got fired in four days, because I was so bad at it.”

Sonam Kapoor in a 2011 interview said that her parents — Anil and Sunita Kapoor — never bought her ‘anything designer’ when she was young and that she bought her first car herself.

Sonam continued, “We’ve had a great upbringing, but both of them come from middle-class families, so they’ve instilled really middle-class values in us.” She admitted, however, that her ‘tastes’ aren’t middle-class at all. “Tastes I developed myself. My parents have never bought me anything designer. They’ve never bought me a car. I bought my car myself. And it took me three years to pay for it.”

Wishing Sonam a happy birthday, Anil wrote in an Instagram post, “To the girl who chases her dreams and follows her heart… @sonamkapoor , watching you grow everyday has been a dream come true as a parent. I surely got lucky with the best kids. You’re strong when you need to be, kind without fail and always evolving. You have a way of infusing a bit of you in everything and it’s one of my favorite things about you.”

Sonam is married to businessman Anand Ahuja and splits her time between India and the UK. Her last release was The Zoya Factor, and she recently shot for a film titled Blind.

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