Priyamani says she has been body-shamed on Social Media, called ‘black’, ‘pig’ and more!

Priyamani says she has been body-shamed on Social Media, called ‘black’, ‘pig’ and more!


Priya Vasudev Mani, known professionally as Priyamani, is presently riding high on the success of the second season of her web series where she is seen playing the wife of Manoj Bajpayee’s character. Since the series dropped online, the actress, along with the makers and cast, including Bajpayee, have been witnessing an outpouring of love from the audience. Reacting to all the appreciation coming their way, the actress in a recent interview, expressed her gratitude. However, along with massive fame, the actress is also dealing with the pitfalls of being popular. She opened up about how she has been receiving many unsolicited comments about her weight. She said, ‘Honestly speaking, my weight went up to 65 kilos and I did look bigger than what I am right now. So a lot of people have said, ‘oh, you look fat, you look big.’ Right now people are saying, ‘Why you looking thin, we like you when you were fat.’ I’m like, ‘hello, make up your mind. You like me when I’m fat or you like me when I’m thin?’ Being on the bigger side or being on the smaller side, it is each person to himself.’

People have commented on her skin colour as well, saying she’s “looking black.” “I said, ‘Look, what is wrong, even if I am a dark-skinned person, first of all, change your opinion, don’t call anybody black because black is beautiful,” she said.

“If I post something without makeup, half of them say, ‘Oh with make up your looking good without make up your looking like an aunty,’ So what! If not today, tomorrow you will also become an aunty. Then somebody said, ‘Oh! you are looking old’,” she added.

Priyamani has starred in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu movies, and also appeared in Mani Ratnam’s Raavan. In Bollyood, she is best known for her item number ‘1234’ in Shah Rukh Khan starrer Chennai Express.

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